Money-Making 900 Numbers

by Carol Morse Ginsburg & Robert Mastin

Learn how you, too, can become a millionaire in this explosive industry!

Now you can learn how imaginative entrepreneurs are using 900 numbers to sell information of all kinds over the telephone. From the mundane to the exotic, hundreds of real-life programs covering every possible application are profiled here ... exclusive knowledge available nowhere else!

Money gets made in the 900 number industry -- but by whom? Here's the comprehensive guide to what programs have been tried, which ones are still around and which ones didn't last.

Learn from the experts exactly what elements make a successful 900-number information service. This book will spark your imagination, giving you the inspiration, the ideas, the insider's perspective and the know-how to launch your own money making 900-number information service.


Here's what industry experts are saying about this dynamic book:

"This book is an excellent resource for people who are thinking of going into the audiotext industry. It provides summaries of the wide variety of 900 applications." Don Klug, Senior Manager MCI 900 Services

"Money-Making 900 Numbers is the largest compilation of successful (and not so successful) 900 programs ever written. After reading it, you are sure to come away with numerous ideas of your own."
Bob Bentz, Director of Marketing Advanced Telecom Services, IA, and author of "Opportunity Is Calling".

"Money-Making 900 Numbers contains an extensive collection of great 900 programs. This book is a 'must read' for those people who are interested in launching successful 900-number applications."
Tom Barker, Executive V.P. West Interactive Corporation, Omaha NE

In this one comprehensive volume we'll reveal over three hundred 900-number programs covering an extensive field. Subjects like:

  • Customer Service & Consumer Help
  • Gov't and Non-profit Organizations
  • Professional Services & Advice
  • Investment, Finance & Business
  • Sports
  • Environmental Information
  • Lifestyle, Travel & Leisure
  • Education & Careers
  • Self-Improvement
  • Entertainment
  • Adult Programs
  • Product & Business Promotion
  • Marketing Services
  • Fundraising & Charity
  • News, Politics & Opinions
  • And Much More.

Fully indexed with a glossary of terms and seven important appendices, this informative book measures 6 x 9, 336 pages, and is perfect bound (flat spine) with a beautiful color cover. Order Your Copy of "Money Making 900 Numbers" Today for Only $23

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