• Pre-designing makes it easy!

  • Just Pennies A Copy!

  • No Merchandise to Stock!


A Mail Order Program Designed For You!

At Last! A program designed specifically for the small mail order dealer and beginner that is guaranteed to show you how to prepare your own original catalog including the latest best-selling products....Without hiring expensive advertising agencies...Without costly typesetting, engraving, or halftones...Without investing one penny in merchandise...Without buying any ready-made catalogs at an exorbitant cost!

You can develop your own original catalog that is as beautiful and professional-looking as any sent by the major mail order firms-- but at a mere fraction of the cost! Find out how to keep your investment amazingly small, but with results that are so tremendously huge! Using the simple techniques of this exciting book, you are guaranteed to learn how to develop an order-pulling catalog just like thousands of successful dealers who now operate their own profitable businesses.

Learn How To Use These Inexpensive Materials To Create Your Own Beautiful And Unique Catalogs!

The best opportunity for mail order success is by using your own catalog. Now, you can prepare a handsome catalog for an unbelievably small investment, and get it printed for just pennies! We show you how and where to locate the most popular products on the market-- the ones successfully advertised in magazines and catalogs across the world. We'll also show you how to include these same products in your catalog without buying, stocking, packaging, or shipping even one item! You'll learn how to set-up dropshipping arrangements with major supply sources, allowing you to buy single items at wholesale prices only as needed when you receive an order from your customer! The suppliers will ship the orders under your name, and the customer will believe it came from you - yet you'll never see or handle the merchandise!! Believe it, IT WORKS!

How To Prepare Your Catalog For Pennies!

Your copy of How To Prepare Your Own Mail Order Catalog Without Merchandise For Pennies will not only tell you how, but will lead you step-by-step as you actually design your own catalog. From beginning to end our easy detailed instructions and more than 100 illustrations will teach you everything you need to know about successful catalog layout. We eliminate any guesswork on your part, and devote an entire chapter to "Instant Catalog Designs" that are ready-made for you to copy. Everything is 100% Do-It-Yourself without any previous knowledge, special skills, training or equipment.

Here are just a few of the topics that are covered:

  • How to find successful new products.

  • Locating sources of supply.

  • The correct way to dropship.

  • Listings of consumer magazines with advertising sections.

  • Getting your catalog printed.

  • Popular and effective catalog layouts.

  • Preparing pictures, descriptive copy, and headlines.

  • Special effects to beautify all your sales material.

  • Instant catalog designs- including four different complete catalog layouts for you to copy.

And much, much more!

You can produce your own mail order catalog - for pennies! You will boost your profits and increase your customer response rate simply by creating a catalog with a professional look. Imagine the impression you'll make with a catalog chock full of some of the best-selling merchandise available on the market today. It's easier than you think. Get you copy of How To Prepare Your Own Mail Order Catalog Without Merchandise For Pennies, and get started today! There is no substitute for proven success. Transform your advertising from plain to pizzazz by following these simple steps to a professional advertising catalog. Order Your Copy Today for only $23.00


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