Last Chance Guide To Financial Success
or How To Raise $200,000 In 24 Hours 

Incredulous? You needn't be. It's being done every day by companies and individuals alike. How? By a very simple technique that you can read about in my revealing book aptly titled, Last Chance Guide To Financial Success. This method of raising capital is entirely legal and is used by both the rich and the poor. You can be deeply in debt... even dead broke... have bad credit and still use this fabulous secret to raise huge sums of money in only 24 hours. Many more millionaire secrets are disclosed in the Last Chance Guide To Financial Success.


Millionaires... ever thought about them? I mean really thought about them? How they began... How they made their first thousand... their first million? Wondered how in the world you would ever go about starting?

Several years ago, almost broke and grasping at straws, I did. I observed carefully and finally realized that those people put their pants on the same way I did... one leg at a time. I was determined to find out what makes a millionaire. What makes him tick. How he became a millionaire.

At last I quit beating my head against the wall and began to work smart. I took the time to observe and learn the secrets used by the wealthy few to obtain and retain their status in life. And then I used those secrets to my own personal advantage.

Today, I control several companies with net worth in the millions. I learned the millionaire secrets, put them to work for myself and now want to share them with you. Frankly, I don't have `millionaire mentality'. Probably never will. I don't want to hoard the secrets I've learned, I want to share them with others who need to learn.

While I'm not offering to give away my money, I am willing to practically give away the secrets and techniques I learned from the millionaires and personally used to accumulate wealth. (Actually I'm going to make a little money selling my book... so don't think I'm totally benevolent.) But I do definitely believe that anyone can and should have the opportunity to amass great wealth through the secrets and methods revealed in my book.


You need only a few things to become really wealthy. One of these things is desire. You've proved that you have desire... or you would not be reading these words this very minute. Next comes knowledge. That's where most folks are lacking. But I've assembled all the knowledge you need to become a millionaire in your own right into one easy-to-read book. And finally, you need action. Now I can't force you into action. But I have included, as a bonus supplement to my book, a number of resources and opportunities to make action even easier for you to take.


 Here are just a few of the secrets of the millionaires I've compiled into this Last Chance Guide for the common man:

  • Own your own million dollar corporation in only four weeks! It's all legal... all legitimate. Be treated with the respect due a Rockefeller.

  • Establish AAA-1 credit in as little as 45 days. A very simple technique gives you millionaire credit in about two months.

  • Get any credit card you want. This simple procedure will pack your billfold with credit cards... even the hard-to-get ones like Diner's Club and American Express. (Works no matter what shape your credit is presently in.)

  • Wipe out debts without bankruptcy. I reveal a little known federal law that actually shields your debts. Other debt smashing laws and techniques are also disclosed.
    Get an executive office absolutely free!

  • How to raise up to $50,000 with your credit cards alone.

  • How to raise tremendous sums of cash... up to $50 million.

  • How to add $100,000 to a balance sheet -- for less than $50.

  • How to take over going businesses with zero cash. Get in on a profitable new business where you virtually can't lose.

Tired of working for others? Do you feel that you're a person who'd rather be in business for yourself... calling your own shots? I reveal details of a fantastically lucrative business that is creating new millionaires every year. And, I show you how to start it virtually free!


Of course, it is impossible for me to tell you here in detail all the valuable information you'll discover in this revealing book. But, you'll learn many other money secrets, such as the eight money rules that J. Paul Getty lived by... How to live in an expensive home rent free... How to travel free... How to obtain low cost life, health, and dental insurance... How to get thousands of dollars worth of free furniture. Perfectly legal and so simple it can be done in just hours.

Don't waste another moment. Get your hands on a copy of this dynamic and revealing book. You'll never be sorry you did.


Examine your book for a full 30 days. If, in that time, you are not satisfied that you can become wealthy using the millionaire secrets and techniques in this book... 

Now, with my personal guarantee as well as the no risk guarantee, you have absolutely no reason to wait. Order your copy today. Do it now! - Russell Stewart

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