How To Go To College Free

Attend Accredited, respected colleges and universities Absolutely Free

(Even receive money for going to some!)

Who Needs A College Education?

  • You!
  • Your Children!
  • Your Grandchildren!

Everyone needs a college education. It's the American Way to financial independence and self-esteem.

Who Can Qualify For A Free or Low Cost College Education?

  • Not everyone of course!
  • But far more people than you might think!
  • Probably even you can qualify!

College aid is available! Many people fail to realize how much aid is really available, just for the asking. And many others believe that they could not possibly qualify for college aid. But did you know that

Over $100 BILLION

- is available each year to families who can establish the need for financial aid?

Second only to a home, just one child's college education is typically a family's single biggest investment. Will your child have the opportunity to attend college? Will you do all in your power to give him or her that important headstart in life? Can you afford not to send him to college?

But I'm Not Poor, How Can I Qualify?

Much easier than you might think! And this dynamic book, How To Obtain Maximum College Financial Aid, will show you how affluent and destitute families alike can qualify for free and low cost college financial aid.

Typically, 63% of the affluence who know how to apply receive college financial aid. And this doesn't even consider the huge numbers of less affluent people who receive financial aid each year! Read case histories, the rules, and the strategies explained in this comprehensive book and you, too, will know how to apply and qualify for college aid.

Whether you are in a low or high income bracket, you may qualify for college assistance for you or your family. But how will you ever know without reading this dynamic book? Isn't a college education and the opportunity of a lifetime with a small investment?


Over $5 Billion In Low Interest Funds.

That's just the amount of federally subsidized loans that go unused each year! Many people simply don't know that these funds are available. That's why you need How To Obtain Maximum College Financial Aid now... to assist you in discovering how and where to apply for maximum aid. Find out how to get your share of the money just waiting to be claimed. Money that can start you or your child on the road to success. Money that makes a difference.


The Best Advocate In Helping You Qualify.

Applying for college financial aid is an involved process. This book makes the first steps clear and understandable. It will help you:

  • Clarify the questions on Financial Aid forms
  • Understand the different categories of available awards
  • Locate the appropriate non-government grants and aid
  • Finance correspondence or remedial courses
  • Learn from real-life examples
  • Arrange your assets and income to maximize awards
  • And much more!


Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the information in this helpful book, simply return it within 30 days for a complete refund!

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