How To Write A Good Advertisement

"Make Your Ads Pay Big Money"

Winning Ad Guru Shows You How

"An advertisement cannot stimulate sales if it is not read; it cannot be read if it is not seen; it will not be seen unless it can get attention... And to capture that attention, you've got to earn it."
- Victor O. Schwab, Author (How To Write A Good Advertisement)

Now you can write your own ads and be assured of a bigger response! You can create a winning direct marketing package that sells -- and sells Big!

The "Secret Ingredient" that distinguishes good ads from mediocre ones is revealed by veteran copy-writer Victor O. Schwab in his captivating book, How To Write A Good Advertisement.

Schwab reveals how the average small business owner can avoid costly advertising agencies by developing his own money-making ads. You don't need an ad agency to write ads that compel the reader to stop and take notice. Ads that jump off the page and capture attention. Ads that can make money for you!

You'll discover the four fundamentals that join together to transform dull, non-responsive ads into "order-pulling magnets." Your new ads will not only get attention, but they'll make the advantages of your product crystal clear to any prospect. Plus, they'll convince the reader to grab those advantages right away and buy!

Schwab illustrates how to create headlines that cannot be ignored. Headlines that will give you the few precious moments necessary to convince readers to buy. You'll study 100 winning examples of headlines that sold thousands of products. You'll also learn why they were profitable and how you can use them, too!

To be a success in small business, you must know how to create a sales package that converts prospects into buyers. You need orders and results. How To Write A Good Advertisement shows you, step-by-step, how to get the results you need.

Take a look at just a few of the subjects you'll uncover in this big, "8 x 11", 236 page copywriting primer:

  • How To Present Your Facts
  • Creating Sales
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Using Illustrations
  • Testing Your Ad
  • Choosing Key Words
  • Getting Attention
  • Asking For Action
  • How To Get More Inquires
  • Determining Ad Size
  • 100 Successful Headlines
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
You'll be dazzled by this brilliant book as it clears away the fuzziness surrounding present-day advertising methods. Schwab tosses out the technical mumbo-jumbo and lays out the facts in plain language. He strips copywriting down to the fundamentals, teaching you to write for success and maximum sales.

You can't go wrong following the lead of a master. Victor Schwab takes you on an in-depth tour into the heart of successful advertising. You can write a money-making ad... but you need a master to guide you through the process as only Schwab can.

You will find How To Write A Good Advertisement to be the prescription to your success. Try it for a full 30 days. If it doesn't help you turn your ads into more orders, we'll cheerfully refund your full purchase price. Order your copy of "How To Write A Good Advertisement" Today For Only $23 

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